Oct 24, 2012

Wood Transfers

I finished the first set of wood transfers and added them to my etsy shop. We'll see how they do. I think they're pretty modestly priced.
The process was fairly straight forward.

Here is my version of the

"Transferring Photos to Wood" In 10 Simple Steps.

Materials needed:
Wood or something porous to transfer to.
Gel Medium
image printed from a laser printer.(the thinner the paper the better)
Wood Stain

1. Print the image you want in reverse from a laser printer.
2. Paint a thin coat of gel medium onto the wood surface you're transferring the image to.
3. Carefully press the image onto the gel medium/wood (ink side down, duh.)
4. Burnish the back so that the image makes good contact with the wood and gel.
5. Wait for the gel to completely dry. Most other sites say "YOU MUST WAIT AT LEAST 8 HOURS TO DRY BE PATIENT" I'm not very patient so I put them in the oven on 150°F.
6. Once dry wet the paper with a moist cloth so that it's lightly saturated with water.
Here comes the pain in the ass part.
7. Rub, rub, rub. Repeat. Using your fingers, rub the paper fiber away to reveal the image. If you use a cloth or anything else you risk taking the image off too. And that sucks.
8. Once all the paper is off, sand the edges and scrape off any remaining gel medium that doesn't have the image on it.
9. Stain the wood using a color of your liking. The stain won't soak in evenly on places where there is still gel medium. You can also stain over your image lightly, it won't soak in all the way and you can rub it off if its too dark.
10. Once the stain is dry seal the wood with polyurethane or similar shellack to seal it and protect the image.  

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